Equality Roundup

UPDATE: The Rachel Maddow video clip has been fixed and a few new articles and tweets have been added since mid-day.

Equality RoundupI feel as though I’m constantly re-tweeting and posting to Facebook a wealth of articles about the (snail-paced) advancement of gay rights issues. I’m now going to post a collection of each days articles, video clips, editorials, and quotes in a post called the Equality Roundup (name is open to more creative suggestions).

  • The New York Times has published yet another strong editorial in support of gay rights – this time the going after the Obama administration for their harshly worded and completely unnecessary brief issued last week in support of the Defense of (bigoted) Marriage Act. In the brief, the Obama-appointed Justice Department compares same-sex marriage to incest and marriage between children and adults.
    [ View the full editorial here. ]

  • Rachel Maddow, the only-slightly-sarcastic-but-incredibly-witty MSNBC host brought former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean to discuss the president’s stance on gay rights. During the interview Dean calls Do(b)MA unconstitutional and says that it was a mistake of the Obama administration to issue the legal brief. He also suggests that the administration might now have to move Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the front of their agenda in order to make up for their blunder.

  • glaadBLOG posted their commentary on June 9th’s “The 700 Club” in which Pat Robertson advises the mother of a gay child to tell her son that being gay is “an abomination before God” and goes on to say that “if somebody’s on the way to hell you’ve got to love them to rescue them.” He also insists that gay people are not born that way but rather “made homosexuals” through abuse.
    [ View the full story and video. ]
  • Tonight PBS airs the documentary “ASK NOT” – “ASK NOT explores the history of the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and reveals the personal stories of gay Americans willing to risk their lives for a country that criminalizes the act of coming out.” If you are in Chicago it airs on Channel 11 and 11.1 at 10pm and 3:30am as well as channel 11.2 at 4pm.
    [ More information and showtimes here. ]
  • Cleve Jones responded to concerns about the upcoming March on Washington over at The Bilerco Project. He covered ten reasons why such a march would be a success for gay rights. The gist of his argument is that this march is supposed to help ignite a larger movement nationwide. 
    [ Full post available at The Bilerco Project. ]
  • Multiple bloggers and twitter users posted links to a very simple page – “Obama’s Plan for Gay Rights.”
    [ Obama's full plan available here. ]
  • And finally – some tweets:

    @ntinaz RT @DCBadger: As much as I love the DNC email from POTUS re: Health Care, where’s email re: LGBTQ rights? #p2

    @ntinaz RT @jtbritto RT @hobronto:

    @perezhilton Join us this October! RT @NtlEqMarch 10 Reasons to March, by Cleve Jones

Right to Serve

California manages to mess it up big time with Prop 8 ruling

JC Middle FingerThe California Supreme Court just upheld Proposition 8 but also ruled that the existing 18,000 marriages that were performed while gay marriage was legal will remain valid.

I’m still waiting for the PDF to load so I can read the full opinion but I’ll offer more of my opinions after that happens. If you would like to view the full opinion find it here: California Prop 8 ruling (re-hosted as official link is nearly impossible to load)

It seems that at least some of the judges realize the stupidity of Prop 8 and the horrible discrimination that it codifies-
“our task in the present proceeding is not to determine whether the provision at issue is wise or sound as a matter of policy or whether we, as individuals, believe it should be a part of the California Constitution”

The ruling is essentially making the argument that because civil unions are still valid the only change that Prop 8 presented was a change in the “designation of the term ‘marriage’” and that Prop 8 does not, in fact, deny “the constitutional right of same-sex couples to ‘choose one’s life partner and enter with that person into a committed, officially recognized, and protected family relationship that enjoys all of the constitutionally based incidents of marriage.’” Clearly this court has never explored the hell that was racial segregation during our country’s “separate but equal” period.

Find a rally near you

PS – I don’t hate Jesus or Christians. I chose this photo as a representation of what the religious wrong have done – used a religion that is supposed to preach harmony and love for your family and neighbors to impose completely unrelated ideals on others. Each and every person who uses religion as a tool for their own personal gain and to discriminate against others should be horribly ashamed of themselves.

Is My Marriage Gay @ NYTimes

Drew Van AckerThis wholly awesome editorial from the NY Times delves into the massive complications that our fragmented marriage laws and DOMA have forced us into. I found it particularly interesting to learn some of the irregularities involved in transgender marriages. For example, in Texas, gay marriage is the only option for transgendered people. So progressive! :)

Is My Marriage Gay?


On the photo tip: Drew Van Acker. Um, yum!

I can’t stand hypocrites.

Carrie Prejean is a Bitch

And I can’t stand Carrie Prejean.

I’m sure you’ve read the stories about how she got breast implants for Miss America. If that weren’t enough, check this out:

If you are going to be crazy and use religion as an excuse to discriminate you better be a saint. As you can see Miss Prejean isn’t exactly the splitting image of morality here. I personally don’t see anything wrong with taking risque photos . Then again I don’t see anything wrong with two consulting adults marrying each other. 

Via Perez Hilton

Uninspiring editorial on civil unions @ Chicago Tribune

Men kissingThe Chicago Tribune recently posted this editorial in support of civil unions in Illinois. I find myself conflicted. I’m happy that the Trib has gone on record vocally supporting some form of gay rights yet unimpressed with the language used. The argument does little to persuade and falls short of recognizing that civil unions can only be an injured step towards the real goal of full marriage rights for same sex couples.

An editorial should fervently support an argument one way or the other. I should walk away passionately in agreement or disgust. I don’t mean to sound unappreciative, I would love for the Trib to continue publishing pro-gay rights pieces, yet in a world where Iowa can unanimously approve gay marriage rights, Vermont can override a governor’s veto blocking full marriage rights, and New York’s governor can garner national press pushing a gay marriage bill this editorial does little to inspire any real movement.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Legalize civil unions at

Gay marriage – The tables are shifting towards equality

Gay couple kissingAre the tables finally turning in America’s debate over gay marriage? I think they are. Iowa and Vermont both recently legalized full marriage rights for gay couples which is a wonderful mark of progress in the fight for equality. Even more striking are the changes in political policy elsewhere – hints that even in the most conservative corners of America the arguments against gay marriage are dwindling.

I came across this great Op-Ed piece in the The New York Times through the Joe. My. God. blog. In it Frank Rich details many of the ways that opinions on this debate are shifting. He describes how NOM (National Organization for Marriage) has if anything only achieved ridicule for their recent “Gathering Storm” video campaign and goes on to link to articles describing how the opinions of many conservatives are even moving towards support of gay marriage.

Rich links to many articles and I certainly encourage you to sift through all of them but these are the ones that I found most interesting:

Chicago: Trouble finding a bus?

CTA BusHaving some trouble getting a bus today in Chicago? That should come as no surprise as CTA has pulled approximately 6% of it’s fleet as CTA Tattler reports after finding a crack in the chassis of one of their NABI articulated (accordion) buses. The CTA has indicated that the routes most impacted are those that operate along the Lakefront and that additional service has been added to rush hour train service along those routes. So if you are about to walk two blocks to the lake, try walking two blocks to the Red Line instead – or give yourself some extra time!