Dolly Parton sings to the drag queens

Thanks Graham for sharing this with me!

plug: IKEAHacker

Face it, the gays like some IKEA. Where else can you dine Euro, redecorate your entire apartment, and maybe even pick up a boyfriend to go with the new area rug? Well, yes, Bloomingdales, but we aren’t all made of money, ya know?

One of the best things about IKEA products is being able to reinterpret those line drawing directions. Sure, it may just be an excuse for misunderstanding page four of the FJUS instructions (my ex had to reassemble the leaning tower of bookcase after I tried to lend a hand in construction) but sometimes these “hacks” lead to great, unintended uses for everyday IKEA furniture!

And that is exactly why IKEAHacker exists. This blog is a convenient forum for fellow hackers to share their latest innovations. Some of my favorites include gift tags from a biscuit box (I had to finish them all, the box was gone!), a handy dandy bike rack (which I will need if I ever replace my stolen bike), and this really nifty coffee table / fancy remote. RedEye readers know there is nothing “gayer than a Mini Cooper full of drag queens on a trip to IKEA” so the next time you need some swedish meatballs (and who doesn’t every once in a while) don your best wig, stuff your shirt, and rent a ZipCar for your day of shopping, and don’t forget to bring extra cash for home delivery because you know that isn’t going to fit in your coop…

stolmen bike rack

Ramvik TV and music console