Equality Roundup

UPDATE: The Rachel Maddow video clip has been fixed and a few new articles and tweets have been added since mid-day.

Equality RoundupI feel as though I’m constantly re-tweeting and posting to Facebook a wealth of articles about the (snail-paced) advancement of gay rights issues. I’m now going to post a collection of each days articles, video clips, editorials, and quotes in a post called the Equality Roundup (name is open to more creative suggestions).

  • The New York Times has published yet another strong editorial in support of gay rights – this time the going after the Obama administration for their harshly worded and completely unnecessary brief issued last week in support of the Defense of (bigoted) Marriage Act. In the brief, the Obama-appointed Justice Department compares same-sex marriage to incest and marriage between children and adults.
    [ View the full editorial here. ]

  • Rachel Maddow, the only-slightly-sarcastic-but-incredibly-witty MSNBC host brought former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean to discuss the president’s stance on gay rights. During the interview Dean calls Do(b)MA unconstitutional and says that it was a mistake of the Obama administration to issue the legal brief. He also suggests that the administration might now have to move Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the front of their agenda in order to make up for their blunder.

  • glaadBLOG posted their commentary on June 9th’s “The 700 Club” in which Pat Robertson advises the mother of a gay child to tell her son that being gay is “an abomination before God” and goes on to say that “if somebody’s on the way to hell you’ve got to love them to rescue them.” He also insists that gay people are not born that way but rather “made homosexuals” through abuse.
    [ View the full story and video. ]
  • Tonight PBS airs the documentary “ASK NOT” – “ASK NOT explores the history of the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and reveals the personal stories of gay Americans willing to risk their lives for a country that criminalizes the act of coming out.” If you are in Chicago it airs on Channel 11 and 11.1 at 10pm and 3:30am as well as channel 11.2 at 4pm.
    [ More information and showtimes here. ]
  • Cleve Jones responded to concerns about the upcoming March on Washington over at The Bilerco Project. He covered ten reasons why such a march would be a success for gay rights. The gist of his argument is that this march is supposed to help ignite a larger movement nationwide. 
    [ Full post available at The Bilerco Project. ]
  • Multiple bloggers and twitter users posted links to a very simple page – “Obama’s Plan for Gay Rights.”
    [ Obama's full plan available here. ]
  • And finally – some tweets:

    @ntinaz RT @DCBadger: As much as I love the DNC email from POTUS re: Health Care, where’s email re: LGBTQ rights? #p2

    @ntinaz RT @jtbritto RT @hobronto:

    @perezhilton Join us this October! RT @NtlEqMarch 10 Reasons to March, by Cleve Jones

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